Have Lots Of Trees On Your Yard? 4 Ways To Use Them To Your Advantage

23 February 2016
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Most properties have maybe one, two, or three trees, if any at all. However, if you own a property with a substantial number of trees, you may not know what to do to make use of them. While you can let them be and enjoy the shade that they provide to your house, you may not be satisfied with this outcome.

Create a Naturally Covered Outdoor Space

If you want to build an outdoor space where you can spend time at any point in the day, regardless of most weather conditions, it is necessary to have it covered. However, while trees may not provide you with complete coverage, you can rely on them for protection against the sun and heavy rainfall. This kind of covered outdoor space adds a unique feature that you cannot find on most other properties, which is something you can be proud of having.

Grow Plants that Prefer Shade

Some people think that most shade-loving plants are not vibrant or interesting, but this is not the case. It depends on your particular climate zone, but you should have no problem finding colorful plants. Planting these around some of your trees can add a great deal of color and variety to a tree-heavy landscape.

Build a Tree House

If you are up for a major project, or maybe even willing to pay for such a service, you can build a tree house. It is an excellent addition to any home, but especially for homeowners who have young children. Tree houses have specific demands in regard to the trees that are eligible, so having a landscape with lots of trees naturally maximizes your chance of being able to safely build one on your property.

The project is not a quick or simple one, but it can lead to years of satisfaction.

Attach Bird Houses

If you love the prospect of having lots of birds in your backyard, you should get some bird houses. The best place to add bird houses is directly onto trees, which is where their natural habitat is located. You can hang bird trees on thick branches, but you want to do it carefully to avoid damage to the tree.

When you are willing to get a little creative with using the trees on your landscape, you can create a yard that has several options for providing unique entertainment through the years. Contact a local landscaping company, like Weiler's Lawn & Landscape, for more information about how to make the most out of the trees in your yard.