Ready To Splurge On A Backyard Oasis? 3 Professionals You Need

16 March 2016
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If you're adding an outdoor entertainment center behind your home and you want a great pool, patio and landscaping, it's imperative that you hire the right professionals to do the work. If you want the area to be something functional that you love, and that improves the value of the home, you need to have the work done right.

You'll have to start by getting estimates for the projects you want done, and when you get an estimate the professionals can give you a sample layout of what you're looking for. Here are the people you want to meet with.

Pool Contractor

Getting a high-end pool that is low maintenance is ideal. Salt water pools are increasing in popularity because you don't have to worry about chemical treatments or chemicals in the hair or skin, and you can get a concrete or liner-based option with the salt water. Talk with the contractor to see how large you can go, what shape is best for your property, and what the cost will be for installation and annual maintenance.

Decorative Concrete Professional

If you want to have a decorative stamped concrete patio that is stained, you need to hire decorative concrete professionals. You can get a custom patio entertaining area, pool border, fireplace, retaining wall around the patio and more. Talk with the experts to see what you can get and where, and find out how often you need to have the concrete sealed.

Landscape Architect

If you want mature greenery and trees and privacy, but you want to make sure there isn't any shade in the pool, a landscaping architect is best. They can help you choose the best greenery that is low maintenance, you can get plants that repel bugs, and they'll pick out things that won't interfere with the patio or the pool. These architects can help with designing the layout of the landscaping, installing a sprinkler system, making sure you have the right fencing for the pool and more.

Once you've met with all three of these different professionals, you want to make sure that all of the ideas and layouts are going to work together so you can get one great space. Talk with these professionals to make sure that your yard is going to be the entertaining oasis that you are imagining, and to find out what the budget is going to be for the project.