Preparing Your Yard For Winter: Three Things Your Landscapers Should Do

29 March 2016
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Preparing your yard for winter can keep your perennials, shrubs and grass healthy. There are a few steps you should take in the fall to ensure your yard is full of lush grass and beautiful flowers come springtime. Use this list as a guide to discuss with your landscapers to prep your yard for harsh winter weather.

Winterize Your Shrubs

Shrubs can become damaged by heavy snow or ice during the winter, and strong winds can harm newer shrubs on your property. Your landscapers can prepare your shrubbery in a number of ways. Windscreens built with burlap and wood posts can provide a protective shield for young bushes and shrubs that might otherwise be damaged by wind. Tall, narrow shrubs can be wrapped with twine to prevent ice and snow from weighing them down. If you have shrubs that are near the street or sidewalk, have your landscapers wrap the bottom with burlap to prevent damage from de-icing salt. Your landscapers may also cover rose bushes with burlap to shield them from the elements.

Prepare Your Grass

Your grass will likely miss out on essential sunlight during the winter if you live in an area that sees a lot of snowfall. Your landscapers can supplement your lawn with winter chemical treatments, which provide nutrients the grass won't get from the sun during the winter months. If you prefer a more natural treatment for your grass, opt for compost material instead. Once this is completed, your landscapers should fertilize and seed the grass. Depending on how early in the fall you choose to winterize, your lawn may need to be raked and mowed a few more times before winter hits.

Clean Up Leaves And Debris

Wet leaves, sticks and other debris can create a breeding ground for pests on your lawn. Your landscapers should perform a complete yard cleanup to ensure your property is ready for the winter. This should include raking, cleaning underneath your shrubbery and edging your lawn. Your landscapers may also offer other cleanup services, such as cleaning your gutters and downspouts. Cleaning all this debris will mean that your yard will be neat and ready for spring planting when the snow and ice melts.

Your landscaping company may offer winterization packages that include these steps to prepare your yard. Talk to your landscaping professional about the unique needs of your lawn so you can create the right approach to prepping your yard for winter.