Dealing With High Traffic Areas On Your Lawn

7 April 2016
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If you're someone who uses their yard a lot, or you have children or a pet who likes to run over the same areas repeatedly, then you probably have trampled grass and "bald" areas that you'd like to make disappear. These areas often get packed down and muddy when it rains, sometimes causing drainage issues. They also make your yard look less attractive to neighbors and visitors. If you are tired of seeing wear and tear in these areas, here are some ideas on how to make your yard look better.

Choose a different kind of grass:

Some grasses hold up to wear and are less likely to turn brown than others. One of the best types of grass for most climate types is a turf-type tall fescue. You can blend this with some Bermuda grass for a lawn that will stay green with adequate watering for most of the warm season. Other grasses, such as buffalo grass, will also hold up to traffic very well, but won't grow well in the shade and may grow in areas where you don't want grass to grow. Perennial ryegrass holds up to to traffic well, but doesn't like extreme temperatures.

Aerate and fertilize more often:

If you are able, then spending more time restoring these worn areas may be a better option. The key is not to let bare areas get compacted and be sure to aerate and replace seed often. You will also need to fertilize these areas about once a month during the spring, summer and fall instead of a couple times a year. Be aware, this solution doesn't solve serious issues such as pet urination and extreme, repeated traffic. In those cases, it's best to find another solution other than keeping grass.

Try another material other than grass:

If you don't have the time or you've found that you just can't keep grass growing in this area, try covering the area with another material. This includes using gravel around high-traffic areas or use wood chips, sand or other plants around fences and trees. You can also place barriers to redirect activities to other areas of the yard. This includes planting shrubs or putting up small fences.

Choosing and maintaining grass in an high-traffic or heavily used area can be challenging. However, choosing the right type of grass and actively maintaining it can do a lot to keep bald patches from forming or the grass turning brown. Before doing anything, have a landscaping company like Hedahl Landscape Deck & Patio look at your yard. They will make suggestions on what you should do and what grass would work best in your area.