Attractive Ideas For Your Retaining Wall

31 August 2016
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A retaining wall is a necessary addition to your yard. Such walls are designed to shore up soil, typically on a slope, leaving one side free-standing. Retaining walls can make otherwise tricky slopes able to be landscaped or even used for outdoor living. Though a very practical installation, your retaining wall can also add visual interest to your yard.

Classic Brick Wall

Brick is a classic for walls, and this holds true for retaining walls as well. You can choose between a cavity wall made entirely out of brick or a block core wall, which has concrete masonry at its core. With the latter, choose between having whole bricks, half bricks or a brick veneer used to finish the exterior. Whole and half bricks add strength, while veneer is just for looks. Such a construction looks attractive if you have a traditional or historic house. Keep in mind, though, you should match the bricks if your home features the material in its façade.

Rustic Stone Wall

If you have a rustic or farm-style house, a rustic stone wall is an attractive addition. As with bricks, you can choose to have the natural stones used entirely or as a veneer for a block core wall. For really rustic appeal, consider having a dry stacked stone wall installed. Contractors stack the stones without mortar to allow water to flow through while keeping the core dry. The visual result is an almost naturalistic profile of rock edges.

Naturalistic Boulders

Speaking of a naturalistic profile, another option is having a dry boulder wall put in your yard. Such an installation doesn't even look like a proper wall but rather a collection of boulders. Depending on the needs your sloped yard presents, you can have a single line of boulders shoring up the soil or stacked for more stability. You may want to hand pick the boulders for looks, especially if you'd like lichen to be part of the visual profile.

Water and Fire Features

If you're choosing a more traditional construction, such as brick or mortared stone, consider adding water or fire features to your design. Indeed, the Landscaping Network describes a wall that features flames flickering in front of a cascade of water. Including a small fountain or fire element doesn't change the ultimate utility of your retaining wall. However, you will have to keep in mind how to fuel the fire and run the water. Because of that, such a wall might work better if it's close to the house or a patio. That said, an augmented retaining wall can even serve as a gathering place for entertaining.

Have a retaining wall installed that's as visually appealing as it is functional. Talk to landscaping services, such as Rock Solid Services LLC, for more information and options.