How To Keep Your Lawn Green And Healthy While Conserving Water

30 January 2017
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If you live in an area suffering from a drought, then it is important that you learn how to conserve water while caring for your lawn. By being proactive about how you provide limited water to your lawn, you can both save money and save water as well. Thankfully, if you utilize your water properly, then your lawn will still be green and lush.

Follow these tips for watering and cutting your lawn to keep it green and save water at the same time:

Tip: Water Only in the Early Morning Hours 

To keep your lawn green without a lot of water, it is imperative that you water it in the early morning hours. Watering during this cool time of the day will give the water time to seep into the ground before it evaporates from the hot daytime sun. Watering in the evening is not advised because it will result in grass that is wet for too long and this will lead to the proliferation of plant diseases. 

Tip: Use Strategically Placed, Low-To-The-Ground Sprinklers

Whether you water your lawn with an inground sprinkler system or a portable sprinkler attached to a garden hose, it is very important that you watch where the water drops are landing. Adjust the sprinklers so that they do not spray walkways or other areas that do not need to be watered. Additionally, you must use sprinkler heads that send out water drops close to the grass's surface. A low water pattern will prevent water from evaporating and being wasted. 

Tip: Cut Your Lawn on a "High" Lawnmower Setting

When you cut your lawn each week during the spring and summer seasons, set your lawnmower's blades on one of their highest settings. Leaving the lawn to grow longer before cutting it off results in a healthier lawn that requires less water because its roots are deeper and better established. 

Tip: Regularly Sharpen Your Lawnmower's Blades 

Finally, it is vital that you sharpen your lawnmower's cutting blades on a regular basis. Sharp blades are necessary for cleanly cutting through your grass. If the blades become too dull, then they will tear the grass to pieces. When this happens, then the grass will struggle to grow without a lot of water because the plants are too badly damaged. Clean cuts through the grass plants reduce the trauma to the plants and will keep them much greener and healthier. 

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