Home Yard Maintenance Improvements To Help Boost Your Property Condition And Value

19 May 2020
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When you look at the overall appearance of your home and yard, its condition and quality of maintenance can greatly affect its curb appeal and perceived value. This is especially important when you are looking to sell your home and want to boost its appearance and related value as much as possible. When a potential buyer views your home, they will immediately judge its condition based on the outside appearance of the landscaping and any surrounding paving. Here are some tips to get your yard and landscaping looking their best.

Update and Improve Landscaping Borders

The borders of your landscape bedding areas can make your property look neat and trimmed or overgrown and shaggy, depending on their appearance. The presence of landscape edging will greatly enhance your property's curb appeal because it will keep your bedding edges straight and clean looking. Bedding and lawn edging help to keep mulch, gravel, and other landscape coverings in their place and prevent them from causing damage to your lawnmower if they get into your lawn, for example. Sturdy landscape edging set within the soil also prevents lawn and other vegetation from growing into other landscape areas.

However, the type of edging you use can have an affect on the appearance of your landscape and how much maintenance you need to complete to keep it looking great. You can install vinyl or metal strip edging, or you can upgrade to a more sturdy edging made of concrete curbing, stone blocks, or bricks, which can be installed within the soil. 

Keep Your Lawn Maintained

The appearance of your lawn and its edges will also improve or detract from your yard's appearance. When you mow your lawn, do so on a regular weekly basis to keep the growth trimmed evenly. This also prevents damage to your lawn. If you let your lawn grow too long before cutting it, it can stress your lawn and cause damage.

Also trim the edges of your lawn to keep it from growing over and onto sidewalks and other paved areas. Use a lawn edger to trim its edges and a weed trimmer to keep the lawn trimmed around hard-to-mow areas, such as fences and posts. 

Work to keep weeds out of your lawn, especially around the edges where weeds can make your lawn look more unkempt. Use a weed and feed–type fertilizer on your lawn and hand-pull weeds whenever necessary.