A Basic Guide To Louvered Pergolas

19 June 2020
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Pergolas carry many benefits. They can be a design element to help draw attention to specific parts of your landscaping. Many homeowners have pergolas installed to create a shady nook. Indeed, as experts point out, pergolas are an excellent way to control the amount of sun that reaches the area beneath. That benefit increases when you have a louvered pergola installed.

Find out everything you need to know about louvered pergolas.


A standard pergola can range in size. Louvered pergolas, on the other hand, are a more permanent installation over a patio or deck. Therefore, they're larger than a garden pergola. In fact, they're essentially a louvered roof that you can have installed in place of a traditional patio or deck roof.

The louvered pergola consists of a framing structure that includes posts and horizontal beams for the louvers. Manufacturers connect individual louvers to the horizontal beams. Just like with window blinds, you can angle the louvers or even close them completely, depending on the ambience you want on your patio or deck.


You can have a pergola installed with stationary louvers that allow filtered light to the area below. Louvered pergola systems operate differently, though. Those louvers sit in a track that a small motor controls. When you trigger the motor, it can open the louvers wide, shut them completely, or leave them anywhere in between those two positions.

Louvered pergola systems have different modes of operation. You can trigger the motor with a switch on the wall, a remote control, or an application on your phone. Some systems even incorporate versions of all three.


A louvered pergola has many uses. The most obvious is to control how much, if any, sun gets to the area below. Therefore, such a system can increase the time you use your patio or deck because you don't have to wait for the sun to be less direct. What's more, in the shut position, the louvered ceiling can protect you from the rain.

Louvered pergolas are also a good way to control the temperature both of your patio or deck and your house. A louvered ceiling would be a good installation for an outdoor area that receives a lot of direct sunlight. By keeping that area cool, you can help keep your indoors cool, too. You can even program some models to close at certain times of day.

Louvered pergolas can also provide a measure of privacy. You can angle the louvers, or close them, so that neighbors in upper stories can see onto your deck. This function is ideal if you have a hot tub area.

Install a louvered pergola system to get more enjoyment in your outdoor living. Contact a supplier of louvered pergolas in your area to learn more.