Landscape Maintenance Recommendations For Your Fall And Winter Property

16 October 2020
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Yard care is a necessary task when you own your home and have an improved space that you want to keep looking nice so it can benefit your property. Whether it is spring or late fall, there are always tasks that need completing to keep your vegetation healthy and trimmed and remove weed growth and prevent pest infestations. But when fall arrives and winter is on the horizon, your yard maintenance tasks don't come to an end, as there is a variety of autumn yard care projects that your property needs. Here are some services that you can look for when you need professional landscape maintenance services for the coming fall and winter seasons.

Yard Clean-Up

As all the leaves begin to change around the community, any leaves within your own yard will begin to change and fall to the ground. In addition to those from trees, this includes the leaves from bushes and shrubberies. When these leaves fall to the ground, they may make the scenery look delightful, but their result will be more disastrous for your lawn and other ground vegetation. Leaves that are left on your yard over the winter will become wet from precipitation and snow and turn into a layer that smothers your vegetation growth, even to the point of killing the roots.

Be sure you rake up and bag any fallen leaves. And even after you have cleaned up the major piles of leaves, you will need to follow up with a repeat cleaning to remove stray leaves and those that blow in from other yards. These leaves can also cause damage to your vegetation.

Winterize Sprinkler Water Lines

Your irrigation systems within your property will need some autumn work to get them ready for winter hibernation. When you deal with a northern climate that experiences snow and ice, you don't want to leave any water in your sprinkler lines, even if they are belowground. The water will expand and break the lines, leaving you without sprinkler pressure in the spring and without irrigation for your plants. 

Once the temperatures in your area reach freezing at night and the ground begins to cool, you can arrange to shut off your sprinklers and winterize them for the season. Your landscape professional can blow out the lines with an air compressor to ensure the lines are completely dry. They will also be able to disconnect and store away your outdoor garden hoses to protect them from the winter weather.

To learn more, contact a residential landscaping maintenance service.