Important Facts About Commercial Landscape And Maintenance

8 April 2021
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Commercial landscaping deals with the designing, installation, and maintenance of business landscaping. All types of businesses can benefit from professional landscape installation and maintenance, from offices and stores to hospitals and apartment complexes. The following will help you learn why commercial landscaping is important and what maintenance involves and offers. 

What commercial landscaping can include

Commercial landscaping can include a nice and thick lawn, foliage, trees, statues, walkways, stepping stones, sitting areas, lighting, waterfall and/or pond features, and a whole lot more. Anything that is placed on the exterior portion of the building permanently and that serves an aesthetic function is a part of the landscape. It's important to understand that landscaping elements can also serve as a functional service. For example, a bench can be a part of the landscape, but it also doubles as a place where people will sit. 

Why commercial landscape is important

The exterior of your business is the very first thing to be seen by anyone approaching. Once someone gets a first impression of a business location then it can be difficult to change their mind. As such, if someone is coming to your business and they think the outside looks bare and neglected, then the inside of the business will have to be that much more impressive for them to get a good feeling about the business space. When they are impressed by the outside, then they will enter already feeling great about your business. 

Why commercial landscape maintenance must be done regularly

Once a business location has been professionally landscaped, then it needs to be maintained on a regular basis if it is to continue looking good. Everything living in the landscape will continue to grow. However, when it becomes overgrown — which can happen relatively quickly — then the business exterior will show that it has been neglected. Weeds will sprout and continue to grow. Unfortunately, having weeds taking over in front of a business looks horrible. That said, commercial landscape maintenance includes getting rid of weeds and taking steps to prevent their return. Another problem with some weeds is they develop painful stickers that stick to the soles of shoes and will be tracked into the business. Trees, bushes, flowers, and grass can all end up becoming unhealthy and can even end up dying if they aren't properly and regularly trimmed, pruned, or cut.

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