Professional Lawn Care Can Transform Your Sickly Lawn Into A Lush Expanse Of Grass

21 June 2021
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If your yard never seems to look as nice as your neighbors' lawns, you might need the help of a lawn care service. You might even notice your neighbors are using professionals to keep their lawns lush and beautiful. Lawn care is about much more than mowing. However, proper mowing, trimming, and edging are important. Here are some ways a professional lawn care company might help you get the lawn you dream of.

Identify And Remove Pests

Since it seems natural that bugs should be in your grass, you may not give much thought to the damage pests can do to your lawn. However, some bugs can be destructive and cause your grass to die off. Bugs also attract animal and bird predators that dig in your yard to get to the bugs.

A lawn care service can identify bugs in your yard and apply the right treatments so they stop causing damage that keeps your lawn from being lush and healthy.

Control Weeds

Weeds are a common problem, and a professional can identify the weeds growing on your lawn so the right herbicides can be used. The lawn care company may apply herbicide to your lawn in the spring and later in the summer if needed, but some weeds need a more specific treatment. By matching the weeds to the right herbicides, you can get the weeds under control without killing your grass.

Add Fertilizer

Fertilizer supplies the nutrients your grass needs to grow strong and healthy. Fertilizer might be applied in the spring or fall and then applied as spot treatments when needed in the summer. Applying fertilizer helps prevent bare spots in your yard and helps the grass grow deep roots so weeds don't have room to grow and thrive.

Correct Problems With Your Lawn

A variety of problems can make your yard look sickly in places. The lawn care service might apply treatments or tell you about things you can do to improve the health of your grass. This might include putting in walkways to control foot traffic, adjusting your watering schedule, and dealing with damage caused by your dog's digging or urine.

Mowing And Trimming

A lawn that's been mowed and groomed by a professional has an attractive appearance. Professionals use sharp blades and techniques that prevent shredding grass or causing ruts to develop. Trimming, edging, and blowing give your lawn a professional touch and make your property look well-groomed.

Growing a beautiful lawn takes a lot of knowledge and work, but you can let a lawn care service do most of it. If you don't have a green thumb, or if you just hate working outdoors, you may need to let a professional care for your lawn so it always looks healthy and tidy.

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