When Should You Hire An Architectural Landscape Company?

12 April 2022
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There are many different landscaping companies out there, and many different kinds of landscaping companies. If you just want your lawn cut or some mulch put down, then you can hire a basic landscaping company that just offers these everyday services. But sometimes, you need work that's a bit more detailed and planned out. That's when a landscaping architecture company tends to be a better choice. Here are some more specific situations in which hiring a landscaping company with an architect on staff is likely the best choice.

You're designing the landscape around something specific.

If you need an entirely new landscape design and you're designing around something already there, such as a couple of buildings or a series of patios, you want to hire a company with an architectural background. They'll be better able to lay everything out and make sure your garden beds, bushes, and trees are placed at appropriate distances from the existing structures. They'll also be sure to account for foot traffic when they lay out the space. Accounting for foot traffic is very important since, if you put garden beds where people naturally want to walk, people will tend to take "shortcuts" and damage the garden beds over time.

You want to include a lot of hardscaping.

In the world of landscaping, the term "hardscaping" refers to solid, permanent structures like patios, benches, walkways, and sculptures. If you want your landscape design to have a lot of these hardscaping elements, then hiring a landscape architecture company makes sense. The architectural designers at the company will know how to size these items properly, and they will likely also pour the concrete necessary to create the hardscaping elements. Since hardscaping elements are a lot harder to move than plants, it's really important that they are placed thoughtfully.

Your landscape is supposed to be functional.

Some landscapes are just meant to look pretty. Others are meant to serve a purpose. Maybe you're landscaping a grilling area, or perhaps you're landscaping a tennis court. If the area needs to serve a specific function, it's wise to let an architect design it. This way, they can make sure the space is well designed to meet the functional needs and isn't cumbersome to get around.

Landscape architecture companies hold an important place in the industry. If you ever find yourself in any of the situations above, don't hesitate to hire an architectural landscaping company, such as Philip Moser Associates