Storm-Related Tree Damage

3 June 2022
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When you own a home, you have a lot of responsibilities. However, some of these are very important. One responsibility you have is to make sure your trees are healthy and that they are in good shape. You want to know about the threats to them and what to look for to know when there is trouble. One thing you need to be concerned about when it comes to your trees is storm damage. This is especially true when you live in an area where you get some serious storms coming through. You can learn more about a couple of types of storm damage that can happen to your trees and what can lead to the need for storm-related tree removal when you continue reading. 

Flooding can damage trees

When there is flooding, it can cause problems later for the trees because the flooding can change the condition of the soil, and it can interrupt the normal exchange between the trees and oxygen and carbon dioxide. However, flooding can cause immediate problems with the trees as well. 

When the ground floods, it can cause the soil that covers the roots to be washed away. This can cause the tree to become a hazard because it can be at risk of falling. If you see exposed roots after a storm, then have a tree care specialist come out to determine what can be done and whether the tree needs to be removed. 

Lightning can strike a tree

Tall trees are targets for lightning strikes, and this can happen to one of the trees on your property. When a tree is hit by lightning, it can affect its biological functioning, as well as its overall integrity. 

When lightning strikes the tree, it can create a path of damage where cells will explode in the wood. This causes strips of wood to peel from the tree. This damage can weaken a tree so much that the best thing to do is likely to have it removed. Also, if the tree takes on a strike in a certain way, then it can be instantly split and will need to be removed right away because it will be a danger.

Wind can damage a tree

Strong winds are also capable of causing damage to trees. The wind can break off large branches. It can also be so strong that it can pull the tree partially out of the ground. If you see your tree has extensive wind damage, then have it looked at because you may need to have it removed. 

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