A Lawn Fertilizing Service Helps You Have Beautiful Grass That Enhances Your Property

12 May 2023
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Fertilizing your lawn is an important step for helping the grass be healthy and green. If you're not sure how and when to apply fertilizer yourself, let a lawn fertilizing company do it for you. If you've always had trouble growing lush grass, you might be surprised at what professional care and proper use of fertilizers can do. Here's how a lawn fertilizing service can help.

Create A Custom Plan

Rather than just buy generic fertilizer off the shelf, the service may test your soil and buy or make the ideal fertilizer for your soil's needs so it's as nutritious as possible for your grass. Soil composition varies, so your soil may be lacking important nutrients to help your lawn grow.

In addition, the service considers the needs of the type of grass you have. Just like plants have different needs depending on the type of plant they are, different types of grass have different needs too. A service can use a fertilizer that benefits your soil and grass the most.

Provide Services All Season

Adding fertilizer in the spring when the grass is getting started is usually a good choice, but your yard might also need fertilizer treatments occasionally during the growing season. Spring treatments help new grass grow healthy, and spot treatments during the summer fill in bare areas.

Keeping your yard filled with grass is important or weeds could start to take over. Once the fertilizer is applied, your yard may see new growth in just a matter of days. Otherwise, the bare patch could just gradually get bigger.

Use Proper Spreading Techniques

Your lawn care service may provide treatments on a set schedule during the summer to maintain your lush lawn. They're sure to use the correct techniques for spreading the fertilizer so it is evenly distributed over your lawn. They might do this with a fertilizer spreader. They might even need to use an aerator at times to make sure the fertilizer gets deep in the soil.

The service also knows when it's best to postpone applying fertilizer due to weather conditions and drought. When you have professionals caring for your lawn, you can be sure your grass gets the best treatment possible.

When you have a beautiful lawn, your entire property has improved curb appeal. Even though you may not be able to keep grass alive yourself, you can still have a beautiful lawn by letting experts add fertilizer and then following their advice for maintaining your grass during the summer. Regular mowing is also essential as is adequate water.

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