Edible Plants For Ornamental Borders

29 December 2016
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Do you want to grow food in your front yard but city code or HOA rules won't allow it? If so, there is still hope. Plenty of edible foods will fit right in to your flowering borders that line your home and walkways. The following are a few to consider adding to your landscape design. Perennial color and texture There are three perennial vegetables that can grow undercover in a flower bed: Read More 

Use Xeriscaping To Make Your Rental Unit Look Great For Less

16 December 2016
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As a landlord, you're probably always on the lookout for ways to economize and make your work easier. One way to do both is to adjust your landscaping to embrace xeriscaping. What is it, and how can you implement it? Here is a quick guide for any xeriscape newbie. The Basics Xeriscaping is a method of designing a landscape plan that minimizes water usage, makes use of natural water-saving elements, and keeps the overall yard maintenance low. Read More 

Need To Revamp Your Exterior And Landscaping? Do It Without Cramming Materials In Your Car

27 September 2016
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Are you looking to spruce up your yard but you don't have a large truck or SUV to get all the flowers and other items that you want? There are a few ways you can still complete all the exterior home improvement and landscaping products that you want to do, without having to put your car at the risk of being damaged or dirtied. Instead, you want to rely on the help of professionals and the resources that the stores where you buy products can offer you. Read More 

Attractive Ideas For Your Retaining Wall

31 August 2016
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A retaining wall is a necessary addition to your yard. Such walls are designed to shore up soil, typically on a slope, leaving one side free-standing. Retaining walls can make otherwise tricky slopes able to be landscaped or even used for outdoor living. Though a very practical installation, your retaining wall can also add visual interest to your yard. Classic Brick Wall Brick is a classic for walls, and this holds true for retaining walls as well. Read More 

Do You Need Sidewalk Repair? 3 Landscape Changes Worth Making To Avoid Future Problems

7 August 2016
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Living in a neighborhood where you do not have to worry about taking care of the sidewalk, except for paying half the bill when the city gets it repaired, is a rather ideal situation. But, this particular arrangement is not something that every homeowner gets to enjoy as some of them are responsible for all costs. It is also their complete responsibility to hire a company to handle the sidewalk repairs. Read More