Why You Need A Topo Survey When Landscaping Your Yard

4 March 2016
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Improving the appearance of your home's landscape can have a significant impact on the overall value of your property. If you are thinking of redesigning your outdoor living space, proper planning is essential when it comes to avoiding serious complications over the course of the project.

Part of your planning process should be securing a topographical survey, or a topo survey for short. Here are three reasons why having a topo survey could help your landscaping project run smoother.

1. Topo surveys show the position of underground utility lines.

Topo surveys are designed to give you an in-depth view of your property. This includes not only boundary lines and information about the surface of your landscape, but information on what lies beneath your yard as well.

Whenever you undertake a landscape redesign, it's imperative that you know where any underground utility lines are located. Using the information found on a topo survey of your property, you can easily avoid damaging utility lines as you work on your landscape design.

2. Topo surveys show the elevation of your land.

One of the most beneficial things a topo survey can do is show you the exact elevation of each section of your property. Elevation is shown on a topo may through contour lines, which are lines that connect areas of similar elevation.

When you have a visual representation of the elevation of your property, you will be able to estimate how much earth needs to be moved in order to achieve your landscape design. If you plan to change the elevation of your property by leveling out hills or creating a sloped terrace, the process can be made simpler when you opt to rely on a topo survey for help.

3. Topo surveys allow for accurate planning on limited sites.

If your landscape presents a challenge due to extreme terrain or neighbors close by, it can be difficult to determine if your desired outcome is feasible. When you invest in a topo survey, you and your landscape designer can plan out the design elements you want to ensure they will fit into your property prior to spending time and energy making changes.

Avoiding surprise design limitations is one of the greatest benefits a topo survey can provide during a landscape remodel, since these surprises often cost you additional time and money.

Before you break ground on your next landscape project, invest in a topo survey to ensure your project will run smoothly.