Landscaping Projects That Might Not Be DIY

8 March 2016
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While there are plenty of projects that you can do with your yard on your own, there might be some that are out of scope for homeowners. Don't get in over your head with backyard projects that might be too hard to handle on your own. Here are four landscaping projects that might be better left to a professional landscaper.

1. Hillside Landscapes

If you have a backyard that either slopes up or down, you might have a vision of tiered planter boxes, rocks, or stairways. This type of landscaping might be more difficult than you think. By removing the natural root structure in your hillside, you might inadvertently cause landslides. It can be hard to know what parts of the hill to cut into for leveling if you are new to this type of project. Bringing in an expert can help ensure your hillside project is done correctly and safely with the correct supplies.

2. Unruly Root Structures

If you are hoping to dig up old shrubs or clear out vegetation for a lawn space or garden, you might find that the ground is actually full of roots from nearby trees. Rather than try to tackle this yourself, it is a good idea to call in a landscaper to assess. You don't want to do damage to trees by cutting through roots. Also, if your landscaper runs into further problems such as pipes, they can call in a plumber to ensure work is done properly.

3. Unsure on Sourcing Materials

If you live in an area without a helpful outdoor garden and landscaping material center, you might not have the necessary help for DIY. It might be best to call in a landscape company that can source materials and plants needed for your project. They can actually pass the savings onto you with discounts they might receive and with the transportation service of all materials to your site.

4. Time Needed for an Entire Overhaul

If you are trying to update your entire yard, this might be too much work for one person to complete. Nice weather can be fickle, so if you don't have all summer to update your yard, a landscaping professional can come in and do this in a fraction of the time.

Even if you have the best of intentions to do your yard overhaul yourself, it is important to be realistic with your plans and limitations. Don't bite off more than you can chew with a potential landscaping project. Be sure to bring in a professional if you are worried that your landscaping vision has surpassed your abilities.

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