Three Types Of Tree Removal Jobs That Are Best Left To A Professional

9 March 2016
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When you have a tree that you've decided needs to be cut down, it might be tempting to grab your trusty saw and get to work. However, while there's always a degree of danger that is present when you're cutting down a tree, you should also be concerned about how the tree might land. It's one thing to cut down a tree that's amply surrounded by fields but another to fell a tree in close quarters in a small neighborhood yard. In many cases, it's better to hire a professional tree service to handle the job for you. These contractors have the training and equipment to ensure that the job will be done successfully and safely.

Tree Near Power Lines

Cutting down a tree that's growing near power lines that cut through your yard is a dangerous job. Not only are there the usual dangers of cutting down the tree, but none of the branches can make contact with the power lines. This is definitely a time to hire a crew of professionals. They'll typically take the tree down in a systematic manner, removing large limbs individually and controlling their descent with ropes. Tree service crews are commonly called to handle cutting jobs of this nature and know how to make sure the power lines aren't impacted.

Tree That Has Signs Of Rot

If you've decided to have a tree removed because some or all of it appears dead or rotten, this isn't a time to take a do-it-yourself attitude. Working with dead and rotten trees is unpredictable; the crew knows not to lean its ladder against a branch that could quickly give way, but you might not take the same careful approach. In some cases, a tree service will use a truck with an elevated bucket to remove individual sections of the tree safely so the entire thing can be taken down in a controlled fashion.

Tree Close To Your Neighbor's Yard

If a tree near the property-dividing line is technically on your side, it's your responsibility to deal with its maintenance. Trees situated in this manner are best left to a tree service because of the potential conflict they could cause. The last thing you need is to cut the tree down and have it damage something on your neighbor's property, igniting a long-standing dispute with the people who live next door to you. It's better to have professionals manage the job so you don't have to take this risk.

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