4 Tips For Pruning Shrubs

16 March 2016
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When you have shrubs growing in your yard, you won't be able to just leave them be and hope for the best. Aside from watering, many types of shrubs need occasional pruning to remove certain parts of the plant and encourage new growth. Here are some easy tips to follow when you aren't quite sure how to prune them and how often.

Remove Dead and Diseased Stems

One of the main objectives of pruning shrubs is not just to control their size, but to allow for healthy growth. This requires first removing anything that is diseased, dead, or damaged. By removing these stems, the disease won't affect the rest of the shrub. If you notice any stems that look like they are turning darker colors, have an ashy appearance, or have a lot of cracks and holes in them, they should be removed. This helps make room for healthy growth and reduces insect infestation of the shrub. As you do this, also remove any suckers or water sprouts you find.

Prune Summer Shrubs in the Winter

Another important thing to know about pruning shrubs is that you must trim them at the right time. If you have shrubs that bloom in the summer season, you want to begin pruning them two seasons ahead of time, in the winter. During the winter season, the shrubs are dormant and not growing any new blooms. This allows you to remove excess branches and stems without affecting any flowers that are growing on them. You want to remove stems at the base of the shrub, which is easier to do with a pole pruner. Its rotating head makes this much easier to accomplish.

Trim Shrubs Used for Foliage

You might have some shrubs that are not used for their blooms, but instead their foliage. These are often added to yards to fill empty spaces and due to the beauty of their greenery. With these types of shrubs, you will want to cut them back and trim their overall size starting around the end of the fall season and before winter arrives. If you forget to prune them in the fall, it is also okay to prune these shrubs in the winter when the shrub is dormant.

If you are having difficulty keeping up with pruning your shrubs, it is a good idea to hire a professional landscape architect. They will care for your yard and garden regularly by not just pruning the shrubs, but also tending to flowers, bushes, and trees.

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