4 Advantages Of Choosing Concrete Pavers For Your Next Paving Project

19 March 2016
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Pavers are great landscaping options. The decorative stones are pre-made, so the landscaper already has an idea of the effect that will be obtained when a certain paver is chosen.

Pavers are available in multiple materials, such as clay, sandstone, granite or concrete. However, concrete is less expensive than most other paver materials. Here are a few advantages of choosing concrete pavers for your next paving project:

Multiple Design Choices

Concrete pavers are available in many different colors and shapes. They can be combined to form intricate patterns that give your outdoor living space a unique and professional-looking design. If a large batch of identical concrete pavers is used to make more than one walkway, each walkway could have a completely different design based on the placement of the pavers.

Some concrete pavers can be interlocked to form a tightly-knit grooved pattern. Others have elaborate edges that can form a beautiful border or can be placed next to other pavers as a part of a varied design.

Easy Installation

Installing concrete pavers is not usually very difficult. They can be placed directly on top of crushed concrete. Thus, they don't require a wet base. In addition, few tools, other than a wet saw and a shovel, are needed. Even a wet saw is only necessary if the pavers need to be cut to fit  a specific design formation.

Easy Repairs

Concrete pavers that become damaged can simply be replaced. Instead of having to repair a large portion of a driveway or walk away, you can simply remove the damaged paver and replace it.


Like other concrete products, concrete pavers are long-lasting. When concrete pavers are manufactured, they are placed tightly into a mold. Thus, the high density of the pavers is likely greater than that of poured concrete. In addition, the smaller size of a paver allows concrete pavers to be more resistant to cracks than poured concrete typically is.

Little Maintenance

Although concrete pavers are quite beautiful, they require very little maintenance. You can simply sweep the pavers when needed or spray them with a garden hose. If unwanted plants or weeds sprout between the pavers you can simply remove the affected paver momentarily to reveal the base of the weed and apply an adequate herbicide or pull the weed up by its roots.

If you are interested in using concrete pavers to decorate your landscape, schedule a consultation with a contractor (such as one from Premier Lawn and Landscape Design) in your area