How To Approach Tipping Your Lawn Service

23 March 2016
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When your schedule is constantly full, it's a relief to be able to hire a local lawn service to keep your yard looking pristine -- after all, you might frequently find yourself getting home after it's dark and not have time to cut the lawn yourself. When it comes to paying for this type of care, lawn services take different approaches to billing. You might pay by the season, for example, or upon each visit. Whatever the case, it's also important to give some consideration to tipping. You shouldn't feel pressured to tip each time that your lawn is mowed, but it's polite to give a tip over the holidays or at the end of the season. Here's how to approach tipping. 

Say "Thanks" With A Holiday Tip

If you use the lawn service 12 months out of the year, give your annual tip around the holidays. If you don't need your lawn cut for the winter if you live in a cold climate, it's appropriate to tip at the end of the lawn care season. In either case, it's appropriate to give $20 to $50 in cash or a gift with a value within this range. While your lawn maintenance worker will likely appreciate the tip in cash, you shouldn't shy away from giving a gift if you have a good idea. It's often ideal to consider a gift card to a local restaurant or shopping center.

Think About How Much You Want To Give

Given that there's a $30 discrepancy in the suggested tipping range, you have a significant amount of flexibility when it comes to deciding how much to tip. While your budget will play a partial role, it's useful to think about the service provided by the lawn attendant. You might wish to tip generously when you can tell that the person takes pride in his or her work, shows up reliably, always leaves you with a high-quality finished product and is friendly to your family members.

Tip For Above-And-Beyond Care

There's no rule against tipping after a visit in which your lawn attendant clearly went beyond the call of duty. There are many different factors that could lead you to give this one-time tip -- perhaps the person came on short notice to ensure that your lawn was in pristine shape before a family get-together. Given that there's no guideline for tipping in this regard, tip an amount, in cash, that you feel reflects the situation.

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