4 Tips For A Beautifully Landscaped Backyard

25 March 2016
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If your backyard is just dirt, or you only have a dying patch of grass, landscaping can seem intimidating. Luckily, there are a number of ways to incorporate a beautiful landscape design through your own hard work and enlisting the services of professional landscapers. Use the following tips to create an amazing backyard that your family will enjoy while also adding value to your home:

Consult a Landscape Designer

When planning the landscaping for your backyard, one of the best things you can do is consult a landscape designer to create a comprehensive plan. A landscape designer will listen to your ideas and your budget, and then create a landscaping plan that incorporates what you want. If you are not a gardener, working with a local landscape designer can help ensure that you purchase plants, flowers, and trees that grow well in your climate zone and will thrive in your yard. 

Grow Your Own Lawn

A beautiful lawn is something that most homeowners want in their backyard, but if you're on a careful landscaping budget you may want to grow your own lawn from seed in order to have more funds available to landscape other areas of your backyard. Before spreading grass seed, it is important that the area be free of weeds and dead grass. Before putting down seed, rake the dirt and lay a high quality topsoil to help the grass seeds germinate.

If you notice that birds are spending a lot of time in the area where you put down grass seed, try adding a layer of straw to keep them from eating the seeds. Be prepared to water the seeded area quite regularly until your lawn fully grows in.

Shop Nurseries at the End of the Season

After your landscape designer has provided you with a list of plants, flowers, and trees that will grow well in your yard, try buying them at a local nursery at the end of growing season. Many nurseries slash their prices in order to move inventory, and you can get a great deal on all of the plants and trees that you need.

Invest in Hardscaping

Saving money by planting a lawn from seed and purchasing plants at a rock-bottom price will leave more room in your budget for hardscaping services. Hardscapes are what will bring your landscape design together-- a beautiful paver patio or a water feature that becomes the focal point of your yard is well worth the expense. You may also want to consider having a built-in barbecue and small outdoor kitchen built if you enjoy cooking outside. A paved garden path or curbing around your lawn can also greatly enhance the overall look of your yard. Contact a business, such as Boyer WH, for more information.