Steps To Make Your Lawn Mowing Service Environmentally Friendly

14 April 2016
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Whether you just offer landscaping or you provide tree trimming services in addition to your routine lawn care, you can take steps to make your lawn mowing service environmentally friendly. This is beneficial for multiple reasons. First, it is the responsible thing to do to care for our planet. Second, it gives you a leg up on competing companies. Eco-friendly practices have become more popular and you'll find your business in high demand after making a few changes. 

Switch to Electric Mowers

Gas mowers don't require an outlet for charging; however, they emit pollution into the air. The EPA (United States Environmental Protection Agency) reports that gas powered lawn mowers emit high levels of carbon monoxide. One method for keeping your equipment charged is to install solar panels on your work truck. 

Reuse Grass Clippings

Grass clippings add nitrogen to soil, which makes it a great all-natural mulch. Either leave the grass clippings on the ground when you mow, or collect them to use as mulch in flower beds. Let your customer choose which option they prefer. 

Stick with Organic Fertilizers

Organic fertilizers contain soil organisms that work to keep your lawn healthy. They also break down much more slowly and are free of harmful chemicals. Additional benefits to switching to an organic fertilizer are that chemical fertilizers tend to burn young seedlings, as well as wash away the first time it rains. Organic fertilizers won't do that. 

Pull Weeds by Hand

Instead of spraying and contaminating your soil with chemical weed and grass killers, take the time to pull the weeds out by hand. This may take a bit of extra time at first, but the healthier the lawn becomes, the less weeds you'll have to deal with. This is also the preferred method for pet owners, as chemical weed killers are harmful to outdoor animals.

Install Irrigation Systems

Conserving water is extremely important and one way to do this is to install an irrigation system. The system gives you the ability to control how much you water your lawn and how often, eliminating unnecessary waterings. Additionally, you can set up rain barrels for your client to use to water plants and vegetable gardens. 

After implementing the above steps, word about your services will begin to spread. You will feel great about your work, and your clients will too. Before long you'll have more work than you'll be able to handle. Click here for more information.