3 Tree Diseases That Can Affect Your Eastern Redbud Tree

28 July 2016
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Eastern redbud trees have beautiful colors throughout much of the year that make this a welcome ornamental tree for many homeowners. The short, wide tree has purplish pink flowers that appear in the spring then change into a vibrant yellow in the fall. Keep the tree and its flowers looking healthy and lovely during the growing season by keeping an eye out for the tree diseases that can affect a redbud tree.

Botryosphaeria Canker

Botryosphaeria canker is a fungal tree disease that causes the redbud's leaves to turn brown during the summer months and then fall from the tree. The disease will progress to the point that open cankers will form on the branches. These dark wounds will look most obvious on newer, smaller branches but can look darker and ooze sap on larger, older branches.

Tree pruning is the best defense against the canker spreading or worsening in the tree. Call a tree trimming service to cut off affected needles and branches then clearing any potentially infected materials away from the ground around the tree. Keep the tree in optimal health for the rest of the year and this combination approach should help most otherwise health redbud trees fight off the canker disease.

Verticillium Wilt

Verticillium wilt occurs due to a fungus that travels into the tree via the surrounding soil. The disease gets its name from the general wilting that occurs as the primary symptom. Leaves will brown and fall from the tree and the bark can take on a prematurely aged experience before twigs also dry out and fall from the tree. The problems initially don't look severe, but the wilting will continue until the tree experiences severe damage or death.

Wilting symptoms are common among various tree diseases, so you want to call a tree care service to correctly diagnose your problem. A correct diagnosis of verticillium wilt might require the services of a tree removal service to ensure that no other susceptible trees in the area become infected.

Fungal Leaf Spots

Fungal leaf spots are caused by fungus that creates spotted discolorations on the leaves of the redbud tree. The discolorations are typically a cosmetic issue though a dense collection of discoloration can cut of nutrients to some leaves and cause premature death.

Call a tree care service to prune away affected leaves and to apply a fungicide to stop the problem from worsening or returning. Remove any shed leaves from the ground surrounding the tree to keep the fungus from travelling through the soil and back into the tree.

Contact a company like Jonny's Tree & Landscaping Co., LLC  for more tips and information about keeping your eastern redbud in good shape.