Insight To Keep Your Elemental Landscaping Design Maintained With Proper Care

7 January 2020
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When landscaping your yard, there are a variety of choices you have to create your own unique exterior terrain with healthy vegetation and hardscaped pavement and edging borders. You can also select landscaping that is geared toward grasses and lush foliage or desert plants, cacti, rocks, and other xerophytes. Here are some tips to help you keep your yard looking its best with proper updates and regular maintenance to the different elements in its design.

Keep Up On Paved Surfaces

The paving installed throughout your landscaping design is going to provide more structured and permanent surfaces, but it will still need to be maintained regularly. For example, concrete stones, bricks, and pavers need the right care or they can begin to shift in the soil from soil moisture level adjustments and from root growth from below. And asphalt pavement will age and dry out from exposure to the sun, wind, and water and needs regular care.  

Take some time in the spring after the winter weather has thawed as this will provide you with soft soil from the snowmelt to make it easier to repair and replace damaged or shifted concrete and stone pieces. Also, look after your asphalt pavement to fill in any cracks that have formed over the winter; they can erode to become larger potholes if they are neglected. And it is essential to protect the surface of your asphalt as it ages, otherwise you will need to resurface your paved investment much sooner than you would when you provide it the care it needs.

Asphalt can be sealcoated every three to five years to protect its integrity and improve its appearance and flexibility. And when you apply a sealcoating treatment after you repair cracks, it will seal over the repairs for a longer-lasting result. You will have fewer patches failing when you keep the top surface sealed and protected with a professional sealcoating treatment. Speak with a sealcoating professional to learn more. 

Plan For Watering

The watering of your yard's landscaping is equally important. Without regular and appropriately timed watering, your plants will die off and you will need to start over with their growth. 

Look at the type of plants you have, such as drought-tolerant plants or water-loving plants when you plan for a watering schedule. To keep your lawn and vegetation healthy, look to provide them with up to two inches of water each week, depending on the temperature. And for more arid landscape plants, they will require less frequent watering but with deeper root saturating to promote healthy drought-tolerant plants.