Reasons To Put Mulch Around The Base Of A Tree

25 November 2020
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Homeowners often apply mulch to their gardens, along pathways, and in other parts of their yards, but there are several other ways that you can use this readily available product. If you have a number of trees growing on your property, it can be worthwhile to consider placing mulch around the base of several of them. Doing so requires a little work. You'll want to dig the grass away, lay down some landscaping cloth, and then put down the mulch. When you're done with this project, you'll appreciate the many benefits that it will provide. Here are some good reasons to lay mulch around your trees.

Protection From The Mower

When you're mowing the lawn, one of the challenges that you'll commonly face is getting the mower close enough to the base of a tree. You want to effectively cut the grass that grows around the tree, but you don't want to bump the mower into the trunk and damage the bark—or, worse, run over an elevated section of the root and harm it. If you stay well away from the tree, you create more work for yourself afterward with your weed trimmer. A perimeter of mulch around the base of the tree makes cutting your lawn in this area quick and easy.

A Tidy Appearance

The ground around trees can sometimes appear unkempt. For example, in addition to the grass and weeds that grow in this area, there may also be seedlings from the tree. When you put mulch around each of the trees in your yard, you're making an investment in giving it a tidy appearance. If you're the type of homeowner who likes everything in the yard to appear well-manicured, mulch around your trees can be a good project to take on.

Water Retention

A lot of avid gardeners use mulch in their gardens for the purpose of water retention, and this is a good reason to lay down mulch around your trees, too. Trees require a significant amount of water to stay healthy, but few people actually water their trees. This means that when it rains, a tree's roots will attempt to soak up any water that is around them in the soil. Mulch around the base of a tree helps to keep the soil wet, allowing the tree to take in the water. Without mulch, the soil can quickly dry before the tree is able to use the water.

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