Basic Lawn Care And Maintenance Tips

19 May 2021
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Having a healthy lawn is essential as the green turf improves your home's appearance. Besides, a well-maintained lawn is beautiful and provides ample space for holding events. You can even spend time with family relaxing on the lawn. For these reasons, you need to take care of your lawn accordingly. Here are some fundamental lawn maintenance pointers to help you keep your lawn healthy.

Soil Setting

For your lawn to be healthy, you must prepare the soil. You should start by doing soil testing to understand your soil's properties, such as pH. Typically, you can get soil testing services from local agricultural authorities, or you can buy a soil testing kit and do DIY testing. Understanding your soil helps you to know the lawn maintenance activities to undertake. For instance, if your soil has an extremely low pH, this sign means that the soil is highly acidic. The acidity may affect the growth of your grass. Therefore, you may have to add some soda ash to raise the pH.

The next step is to clear the land of weeds, roots, and other debris on the topsoil. After that, till the ground to loosen compacted soil and enhance drainage. Also, add some manure to enrich the soil and ensure that your lawn has a slight slope for proper drainage.


Watering is another vital lawn maintenance activity that helps your grass to thrive. If you're dealing with a newly planted lawn, you need to water daily. However, water carefully to avoid washing away the seeds or forming gullies on your lawn. After the grass matures, you can water your lawn once every week, but ensure that the roots soak enough water. Shallow watering can lead to the growth of thatch, and you don't want those dry runners growing above your grass. Additionally, considering your soil type can help you establish the amount of water your lawn requires. For instance, sandy soils drain out fast while clay soils hold water for long and may not require frequent watering.

Lawn Mowing

Mowing your lawn is an essential lawn maintenance practice as this measure gives your lawn a neat look. However, most people cut the grass way too short, causing stress to the grass. Ideally, you should mow the top third of the grass height since tall grass improves root system development. Taller grass also shades the ground preventing drying out. Additionally, the shade prevents weeds from thriving.

Soil setting, watering, and mowing are essential lawn maintenance tips for a healthy lawn.