Landscaping for Pool Design to Create an Awesome Outdoor Oasis

16 July 2021
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Adding a pool to your property can be a great way to create a custom oasis. There are many features that can be designed for your outdoor oasis that can also be integrated into the pool design. When you are designing the pool, there are probably a few areas of your landscaping that need to be included in the design. These can even be a great solution if you plan on doing a natural filtration system. The following guide will help you with the process of designing an awesome oasis with integrated landscaping and pool design:

Integrating Rock Features

The first elements that you want to consider for your outdoor oasis pool design are rock features. The rock features are perfect for integrating natural terrain in the surrounding area into the pool and landscaping design. The natural rock that might need to be removed from building a pool can be used for these features and integrated with synthetic stone designs. This will give you the perfect oasis that is exactly how you dreamed it would be.

Consider Natural Filtration with Water Features

The great thing about outdoor oasis pool designs is that they are typically ideal for natural filtration systems. The filtration system can include aquatic plants, gardens, and other unique features that help keep the water in your pool clean and clear. Therefore, you want to consider some of the various options to add natural filtration to your pool design and its surrounding landscaping.

Choose the Best Plants for Poolside Landscaping Designs

The landscaping around your pool can affect the quality of the water and the amount of maintenance needed when it is open. So you want to choose the poolside plants in landscaping wisely. Look for plants that are cleaner and don't shed debris in the water. Some slower-growing ground covers and shrubs can be a good option to consider. You also want to keep plants used for filtration separate from the landscaping at the pool's edge.

Designing the Pool Deck Area with Landscaping and Outdoor Living

Lastly, you might want to integrate some features of your pool and landscaping into the deck surfacing. These options can include natural-like pavement surfaces that resemble stone and has additional features like seating. You may also want to add canvas awnings or pavilion structures to these areas in order to give you a place where you can escape the sun rays and entertain guests during summer pool parties.

The outdoor oasis you are planning for your home can include a pool design that integrates perfectly into the surrounding landscaping. Contact a swimming pool design service to discuss these ideas in order to create an awesome oasis for your property.