Landscaping Tips To Prepare Your New Construction Home Property For Vegetation

22 October 2021
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A new construction home provides you with a lot of new choices and planning for your new home decor inside but also the landscaping on the outside of your home. Your yard's landscaping contributes to your property's values and makes your home look amazing when you get it completed properly. Here are some recommendations to help you with preparing your new home's landscape installation and management for an attractive and healthy yard.

Clean Up the Area

When you buy a newly constructed home, the yard is likely going to be filled with rocks, construction debris, weeds, and uneven terrain that you may not want to make part of your yard's landscape. You may find there is a pile of boulders sitting in the corner of your backyard lot that you don't want to make into a rock feature, so you will need to clear them and any other debris from the site. If there are weeds growing as tall as trees or weed trees that grew overnight, you can clear them from the area to start off with a level landscape. However, if there is a slope to your yard, be sure to grade the soil appropriately to avoid erosion, and use terracing when necessary.

Arrange to rent a skid steer from a local rental office to clear off the debris and level the area. You can use this machinery to scoop up and remove debris so you can deposit it into a dumpster. You can also hire a professional landscaper to do this for you and level the soil for your yard installation.

Improve the Soil

The existing soil that is left behind after construction is usually clay-filled or loamy soil that is not the best for growing landscaping shrubbery or your prized flowers. Construction usually strips the topsoil from your lot so that construction of the foundation of your home can be built into a well compacted solid site. So plan to replace your yard with an amount of topsoil to work into the existing soil and amend it with other additions. 

Spread the topsoil evenly over your yard and add in a good starter fertilizer that provides a high amount of phosphorus to help your new lawn grow. In areas where you plan to plant flowers, shrubbery, or trees, add fertilizer to the soil that has high amounts of all three nutrients; nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium, and till the top layer of soil to combine these into the existing soil.

For more information on new construction installation, contact a landscaping service in your area.