Beautiful Borders: Finding Which Flowerbed Border Is Best For Your Landscape

15 November 2021
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There is nothing like a colorful flowerbed to brighten up your outdoor space and add curb appeal to your home. Having a flowerbed border installed will enhance the beauty even more. There are numerous border types, so you will have plenty of options to choose from for highlighting your flowerbeds and creating an outdoor landscape you will love. 

Brick borders

If you are looking for a durable border that gives you multiple color options, then brick will not disappoint. The clay in brick can vary in color from rustic red to off-white, which makes it easy to match it to the color in your home or other buildings in your outdoor space. Brick borders add a natural warmth to flowerbeds and are a popular choice for landscapers.

For an easy-to-maintain border, have the bricks installed horizontally. This installation makes it easy to mow and trim over the border. For a more distinct and visible border, have the bricks installed vertically.

Natural stone borders

If you love a rustic and back-to-nature look, natural stone borders are a great choice. Raw and unspoiled, natural stone is beautiful on its own but will look great surrounded by flowers and foliage. Natural stone is perfect for creating a cobblestone look and natural stones in various colors can be mixed to create a unique look.

Concrete borders

If your home style is modern or contemporary, concrete flowerbed borders will be a great match to keep the simple and carefree look of the modern style. Concrete is durable and able to stand up to the elements well. However, concrete stone can vary in color, so it is preferable to purchase enough of the same lot when creating your flowerbed borders to avoid unpleasant color changes.

Wooden borders

Old-fashioned with a country flair, wooden flowerbed borders will provide a charming and cozy appearance to your landscape. They work well with cottage-style flowerbeds and are a great fit for log homes. Match the color of your wooden borders to the color of your house shutters to create a cohesive look in your outdoor space.

Whether you choose brick, stone, concrete, or a wooden border for your flowerbeds, adding a border to your flowerbed is the perfect finishing touch to an attractive landscape. You can match the border style to your home design or choose a contrasting style if desired. The goal is to design a border that complements your flowerbeds and landscape well. For more information about flowerbed border installation, contact a local professional.