4 Questions To Ask Your Landscape Designer

25 March 2022
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Landscape design is intensive, and because your yard has a significant role in your curb appeal, you must settle for what's best. Potential buyers wouldn't want to wade through a messy yard to get to your front door. Whether you wish to stay or move, your best bet is to seek professional landscape design services.

You'll likely want to factor in various considerations based on your preferred land use before you contact an expert. Then, to find the best landscaper, you'll have to interview a few landscape installers and ask questions. Here is a guide to the questions to help you understand your chosen landscape designer better.

1. What Services Do You Offer?

Establish upfront how much involvement your selected landscape designer will have in your project. That way, you'll know whether you will involve other contractors in advance. For example, some designers only offer a master plan for your landscape design and let you take over from there. You'll then hire a contractor or execute the project yourself. Others provide design and installation as one package.

If you prefer to have someone else reign over the process, a designer who provides the plan and installation services comes in handy. Many contractors also offer discounts when you combine different landscape design services.

2. How Much Do You Charge?

Give your designer a realistic budget, so they know how best to approach your project. Also, ask how they handle variations or changes that occur mid-project. For example, if your selected landscape designer offers design only, you could inquire about the amount you'll need to bring the project to life. Likewise, know how much you'll pay for design, installation, and maintenance services if your designer offers maintenance services.

3. What Timeline Do You Project?

Many in-demand designers are always busy, so first inquire about their availability. If you have a strict deadline, talk to your designer about it. Your timeline will be unrealistic if you don't understand the complexity of your project, and that's fine. Your designer will design a landscape design project that fits into your timeline or help you manage your expectations.

4. Do You Offer Maintenance Services?

You may get stuck in a new landscape design mode and forget you'll need a maintenance schedule. Proper maintenance ensures the look and quality of your project remain intact. You wouldn't want to get a messy lawn sometime after getting a beautiful design. If you wouldn't want to get your hands on maintenance, you'll prefer a designer who offers lawn care and upkeep services.


When you make significant improvements to your landscape, you can't overstate the benefits of hiring a professional landscape designer. You get unique ideas, site analysis, uniform landscape design, adherence to state codes, etc.

For more information, contact a landscape design contractor.