What Is Soil Stabilization?

13 May 2022
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Soil stabilization is kind of a catchall term. Pretty much any process that changes the existing soil for engineering purposes counts as soil stabilization. Those processes can be biological, chemical, mechanical, or physical. What method gets used to stabilize the soil depends on what the ground is being used for as well as what kind of soil is in the area and the easiest way to get the necessary result. 

Purpose of Soil Stabilization 

The purpose of soil stabilization is to create a strong base soil. Stabilization can increase the tensile strength of the soil as well as its load-bearing capability. The reason for this is to make sure that any structures that are built on that soil are going to be stronger because they have a stronger foundation. Any structure is going to add a lot of weight to the soil underneath it just from its mere existence. But then when you add in things like traffic over roads or bridges, then you are talking about a lot more weight and stress. What are some of the ways that soil can be stabilized?


One way that soil stabilization happens is that certain polymers get added to the soil. The polymers are delivered to the site by a vehicle, like a tanker truck, and then are spread all over the site. Then the polymers are mixed in with the soil. That will let the polymers activate and create a more stable base. Once everything is mixed together, it is time to smooth down and compact the soil. Generally, this happens by sending a steamroller over the site over and over again until the soil can't compact any further. Some steamrollers also vibrate, which can help settle and compact the soil as well. After everything has happened, the soil will be compact, stable, and ready for anything to be built on it. 

Stabilizing the soil on any construction site is important. It creates a strong, stable foundation that can help to support the weight of a new building or bridge. Having a good base is going to make the structure built on it stronger and last longer. Doing the proper soil stabilization method is important, and it can take a lot of time in order to figure out what method should be used to stabilize the soil for that particular site. No method is one-size-fits-all, but they all should have the same kinds of results.

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