Insight To Help Manage Your Yard's Landscaping Care

19 September 2022
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Yard care is a necessary part of home ownership or living on any portion of land that requires upkeep and maintenance to keep it cleaned and prevent pest infestations. Whether you hire professional landscaping for all or part of the process or you decide to handle the work yourself, make sure you complete the right practices to have success with your yard. The following gives you some recommendations to keep your yard looking great with the right landscaping services and management.

Take Care of Your Lawn

Your lawn is going to need regular trimming to keep it looking its best and also help it stay healthy. If your lawn is allowed to grow too long, it will begin to lay over on itself and actually smother the roots of the grass plants. This can also lead to fungus and mold growth in your lawn, causing extra problems to your lawn's health.

As a general rule, plan to cut your lawn once a week during its growing season. This may vary based on the temperature, weather, and how much moisture your lawn receives. For example, during high summer temperatures, the heat can slow down your lawn's growth rate and it may not grow as much during a week's time as it otherwise would during the cooler wet springtime. Trimming your lawn regularly will keep it at a maintained height and will prevent it from growing too long.

Arrange for regular weekly landscaping to complete this. You should let the clippings fall back on the lawn to add back beneficial nitrogen to your lawn, and shorter clippings will more easily fall back on your lawn without clumping and smothering your lawn. Nitrogen is an essential fertilizer element that your lawn is going to need, and you can accomplish a big part of this supplementation by not bagging up the clippings. Then make sure to sweep any clippings that fall upon the pavement around your lawn so they don't get rinsed into the gutters and drains, as they can clog them. 

Manage Yard Waste

Your yard is going to create yard waste throughout the year and will need it to be handled properly during each season. As part of your own yard care, you can opt to put the waste in your trash bin or put it to good use with local compostable waste collection or make your own yard compost. Choose a location in your yard that will receive more sunlight to help break down the waste as you add to it.

Place organic debris on the pile, such as leaves, shrubbery clippings, and plant trimmings along with any fruit or vegetable peelings and cuttings. Add moisture to the pile and turn it with a pitchfork to combine the mixture and help it degrade into a rich supplementation for your yard's soil.

Contact a local landscaping business to learn more.