Separate Your Yard Into Two Zones With The Use Of A Retaining Wall

22 November 2022
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Whether your yard is large or small, you can separate it into two zones using a retaining wall. This design will make the yard more organized and can create the illusion of more space, making it a great project to consider when you're looking to rejuvenate your yard. 

If you're unsure of how to begin, consider the benefits of a retaining wall and the techniques you can use to create two separate areas in the yard. 

Highlight the Elevation Difference

Since retaining walls are generally used in yards with two separate elevations, it makes sense to highlight this feature. Retaining walls can vary in height, but it's generally best to avoid the wall from being so high that it can require a permit before construction begins. Since a permit may be required for any wall over four feet in height, it's a good idea to keep your retaining wall under this number. 

Separating two areas of your yard with a retaining wall can make the elevation difference a smooth transition that will blend the two areas together rather than being abrupt or a trip hazard. 

Incorporate Flowers or Shrubs

One of the most significant benefits of choosing a retaining wall for your yard is the opportunity to incorporate flowers or shrubs into the design. Whether shrubs are planted along the base of the retaining wall or flowers and greenery are mixed into different parts of the wall with individual steps, you can create a visually appealing design that will make the yard more interesting to look at and spend time in.

Since retaining walls can vary between concrete blocks and natural stone, you can use flowers and shrubs to give either material a different appearance to better suit the other features in your yard. 

Leave Space for a Pathway 

As you look into different options for installing a retaining wall in your yard, you'll need to remember that the retaining wall needs a pathway built into it. The pathway should include steps wide enough for people to walk down and fit seamlessly into the retaining wall design. By reserving space for the pathway, you can create a sense of flow that will blend the two elevations together.

If you're curious about having a retaining wall built for your yard, you'll need to understand the differences between the options available. Working with a professional will ensure you get answers to any questions you have about the design and can agree to a landscaping project you'll be happy with for years to come. For more information, contact a company like Rosebrooke Land and Home, LLC.