Want To Keep Your Lawn Watered? Install A Sprinkler System

6 March 2023
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One thing you must do to keep your lawn looking lush and green is to ensure it gets enough water. This can be difficult to do on your own and takes a lot of time. One thing you can do to help you is to install a sprinkler system. Below is more information about this so you can get one installed. 

Things to Consider

Before you start shopping for a sprinkler system, there are things you need to consider first. This will ensure you purchase the right one for your yard. First, determine the type of soil you have so you know how often to run the sprinkler system. For example, if you have clay soil it holds water longer so will not need to be watered as often. If you have sandy soil, it will not hold water for as long and will need more water. You can hire a landscape contractor to help you determine the type of soil you have and how long to water it. 

Another thing to consider is the size of your lawn. There are some sprinkler systems that cover the entire lawn and others that are much smaller and best for small lawns. This will ensure your entire lawn is watered when the sprinkler is running.

Types of Sprinkler Systems

One type of sprinkler system is stationary or fixed sprinklers. These sprinklers cast the water in one pattern over a set area. These are used to provide water for flower beds and small areas. 

There are oscillating sprinklers that move back and forth as the sprinkler is spraying water. This provides water to a wide area depending on how you have the sprinklers set up. It is best used for large lawns. 

There are impact sprinklers that rotate in a circle. You can adjust the pattern on how wide you want the sprinkler to provide the water. It is resistant to wind and uses lower water pressure. This sprinkler system works great to water small to large lawns. This is the type you often see at residential properties. 

Rotating sprinkler systems are also available which spin around to disperse the water. You can adjust the jets and the base with some models. They provide an even distribution of water and will water your lawn quickly. Kids love running under these sprinklers while it is running. This type works well for any size of lawn.

Talk with a professional service such as Sanderson & De Haan Lawn Sprinkling that sells and installs sprinkler systems to learn much more about these types, as well as other types that are available.